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WDN NEWS: (updated 12/26/2012)

If anyone is interested in being a liaison to either a phone or CW section net, your help is always needed and appreciated. Please contact a net manager for guidance.




Who/What/Where/When is WDN?

The Western District Net is part of the amateur radio National Traffic System and covers the 13 Western New York Counties. It is a means of sending and/or receiving messages (Emergency, Priority, Welfare, or other) as a free public service in case of an emergency.

We meet daily at 2130 eastern time Tuesday thru Sunday on the 145.39 Mhz repeater which is in Delevan, New York and on Mondays on the 147.315 (PL of 141.3) at 9:30 PM Or on the Backup Repeater on 146.640 (PL of 141.3) in Weathersfield, New York for the purpose of handling formal written traffic, and training in Traffic Handling.

*NOTE: As of December, 2008, simplex night has been suspended due to inactivity. We will resume simplex nights if, in the future, the need arises.

Every 15th of the month is simplex night so the net is run on each of the following frequencies depending on your location:

  Buffalo area: 147.54 MHz
  Rochester area: 147.42 MHz
  Southern Tier: 146.55 MHz

(Photo by Vince, N2JRS)

Net Managers  

Net Manager for WDN is:        Dave, KB2VVD

Assistant Net Manager for WDN is:        Gary, KB2YAA

Net Manager for VHF THIN Net is:        Dave, KB2VVD

Section Manager for Western NY Section is:        Laura, N2LJM

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WDN Picnic Pictures

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WDN Picnic Pictures 2014 (html format) - New 1/12/2015

WDN Member Documents

WDN Member Guide (html format)

WDN Preamble (html format) - Updated 10/12/2015

Current WDN Duty Roster (html format) - Updated 10/12/2015

WDN History (html format) - Updated 6/1/2014

NTS Reference Documents

ARRL Numbered Radiogram (pdf format) (ARRL document FSD-3)

ARL FORTY SEVEN example (html format)

ARRL Radiogram Form (html format)

Printable ARRL Radiogram Form (pdf format)

New York State county listing (pdf format) ("New York State Communities, Publication 717" dated 9/99)

View local calling areas in and around Rochester, NY (pdf format) (What exchanges can call what exchanges)

MPG Guide - Methods and Practices Guide - View/Download The MPG Guide From The ARRL Web Page

PSCM - Public Service Communications Manual - View/Download The PSCM From The ARRL Web Page

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NTS Tutorials

CW Netiquette (html format) For CW Operators and Nets

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